a week in the life of the unemployed…

So I should be actively looking for a job. Which, for the record, I totally am! But one deserves a break once in a while! For starters, job recruitment websites don’t always have new jobs daily. At least not in my search criteria. So, to keep my mind fresh and to allow the websites to refresh, I give myself off-days! It’s not entirely my fault that my last off-day turned into an off-week….

I’ll start from the beginning! 

My parents left me home-alone for a week starting last Monday. I seem to remember taking it easy those first couple of days, until Wednesday! On this evening I joined some friends to a Zurich river-side bar called Rimini, which, if you haven’t already been there or are planning a trip to Zurich, is absolutely cool! The weather was amazing, at least for this Spring’s standards, which meant that everyone, employed or unemployed, was there for post-work (or work-searching!) drinks! There was a large range of people, from bankers in suits to unemployed freakos like me in colored jeans! It has a very cool atmosphere and I can see it becoming my local summer watering hole! Luckily I managed to tear myself away from the festivities in time to catch my last bus home in order to wake up early enough to gym the next morning! I did hear later that some of my friends ended up staying out till 5am! 

Gym aside, it’s good I did go home when I did, because I didn’t yet know then what Thursday night would have in store for me. One of my besties from Belgium was in Switzerland visiting her family, so I drove over to her place to chill and chitchat with her and a high school friend of hers. In the early evening I drove us three to Zurich city to meet another two friends for dinner. By now we had decided we were up for a night of dancing, so we all drove back to my house in order for some of us to change and also to leave the car at home. I was planning to drink, obviously!  Shortly after arriving home, another friend showed up to join us in our pre-drinking sesh. By now we’re 6 people. Not a bad crowd to go dancing with! A whopping 2 bottles of Vodka, bottle of Rum and bottle of Malibu later, we got on the last bus of the evening and headed to the dance floor! (Okay, to be fair, those bottles were already opened, so we didn’t finish 4 freshly opened bottles between 6!) I swear. 

But not so fast. We arrived at the club only to be caught standing outside in the rain because the club was full. To waste some time we went for another drink at Terrasse. Now this place is probably one of my all-time favorite bars in Zurich because of the music and the crowd. Check it out! An hour later we were walking up the stairs to Mascotte. It was a HipHop/R&B night, so the music was intense yet perfect for dancing! It’s not for everyone, but I think our sexy group of 6 were tipsy enough to enjoy every moment of it. (Though I would have also enjoyed it sober!) It only made it more fun when the DJ played tunes by 50 Cent, among others, which all reminded us of high school. The days we danced to this music when we were only 16! (or younger probably!) Can you imagine? *I’ll take you to the candy shop, let you lick the lollipop*… at 14? 15? 16? I’m surprised our parents weren’t more worried about how we’d turn out. Well, they probably were. 

SO anyway sometime in the night one friend had to leave because she had to work the next day. Ouch. When the rest of us decided to leave the club, 3 of them joined me back to my house where we unexpectedly decided to play a drinking game. At 5am. Sure, why not! None of us cool beans had to work the next day! (See, I’m not alone!) To cut the rest of this long story short, we watched the sun come up over the lake and went to bed around 8:30 A.M. I’m not sure how or why, but we were awake just past noon already. By now we’re just 3 of us left, the 3 who started at my friend’s house the day before! We scoffed down a pack of spaghetti with leftover tomatoes and mushrooms and watched Wedding Crashers! The best part, by the way, being when blondie visits Chazz, who lives at home. *MOM, THE MEATLOAF! F*CK!* Too good! 

A good 24 hours after I arrived at my friend’s house on the Thursday, I was driving her to the train station and saying goodbye. I hadn’t seen her in a while, and we aren’t sure when we’ll see each other next, but I think we had a good enough dose of each other to last a short while! When I was finally home sweet home alone, the hangover was slowly kicking in! The fact that I had to vacuum crumbs from our early-morning munchies and mop up malibu-orange from a spilled drink, probably didn’t help my queasiness! I went to bed early that night. But not before watching the latest Germany’s Next Top Model

Waking up the day after the hangover-day is sometimes the most refreshing morning ever! I had this euphoric experience on Saturday. I slept till noon, woke up feeling like I couldn’t remember the last time I drank alcohol. That’s probably why I ended up tagging along with 2 of Thursday night’s friends for shisha and cocktails! Though I felt fine, by the end of Saturday night I think my body was up to HERE with rum&coke! I love the drink, and i’ll keep loving it, but I think i’ll detox for a while! (A week. At least.

Sunday meant a relaxed trip to Starbucks with a friend, catching up on each other’s antics. Mine a bit more extreme. Naturally. And by night fall my parents were back in the house! And they will remain here only until Tuesday before they’re off again… What does this mean for me and my detox??

Dear friends, family and followers!

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you all that I am (finally!) back on Tumblr! As to where I’ve been… well, living at home looking for jobs. Exciting, right? Hardly! Thankfully I have a friend or two who are in the same boat as me, with whom I have the pleasure of drinking at every possible occasion. Technically that would mean daily, but luckily for me I have friends who try to take their job search “seriously”… which means we only meet up every other day. No, kidding… weekends mostly! The week is reserved for a visit to Starbucks!

That said, it means I have quite a bit of time on my hands, what with my empty schedule. When i’m not job hunting. Of course… .

I always promise i’ll write more often and then I never do, so I won’t be making any such promise this time.. though I hope for you, and myself, that I find it in me to dedicate some of my free time to this blog! I’m not entirely sure yet what my posts will be about… I guarantee they will be random, as it probably should be! I want to share my job-hunting experience with you, which I will try not to make too tedious! (So i’ll throw in some weekend antics!)

This blog started off as my "Mumbai Experience", which I am honored to hear quite a lot of people followed! This won’t be the same, as I don’t have a crazy cleaning lady who comes daily at 7am, nor do I have to ride a rickshaw through trash anymore, (or a cute personal trainer!), but I’m sure Zurich (and other cities I visit), will have something amusing and note-worthy to offer! My year in India as assistant director to Yash Chopra on Jab Tak Hai Jaan (yes, I do mean to show off!), has been a spectacular year and I would go back to do it again in a heart beat. But that chapter of my life is now closed, which in turn gives room to a new one.

That new chapter is one I will discover here, ideally with your support! For those of you loyal followers, I promise to not disappoint! For the newbies to my blog, you won’t be sorry! ;)

So. Let’s get started.

Hugs, kisses & everything nice,


I went to see Jab Tak Hai Jaan for the second time and this time I was prepared for my name in the opening credits!! I managed to get a quick pic before I looked suspicious! But now I hope you’re all going out to watch it and see my name appear for yourselves! (If you haven’t already!!) This experience, these memories, this film… They will stay with me forever!


Jab Tak Hai Jaan - November 13 Release

Diwali is only ONE WEEK away, and you all know what else that means..! JAB TAK HAI JAAN hits cinemas in just 5 DAYS! Watch the trailer, listen to the songs & click through the movie stills! Can’t wait!!